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Hi Res Horse Rescue
“I really believe he knew I was there to help and make his life better. It was my main goal that he would never see a day of fear again in his whole life.”
– Eleisha (on the cover), with her horse Phantom


17 comments on “Home

  1. Ines says:

    Hi Joanne,
    I just recently heard about your book and I am quite keen to read it. I would like to share with you that I too are in contact with rescue horses.
    Two years ago I came across a few amazing people and learnt, and obviously fell in love with, Waler horses. I’m not sure what you know about them, but they are the horses we took to the war. This wonderful lady I ride with and her close friends have helped to rescue and promote theses horses. Many of her own horses are rescues from the wild and have been domesticated, with one still remaining wild and thriving at 35!
    Many of her horses have had physical and mental scarring and I think what she has done (just like you) is so inspiring. I know I couldn’t live without these horses in my life!
    I will soon enjoy your book!

    • Josephine says:

      That’s wonderful, Ines, thank you for what you do. There is a chapter in the book around a Waler brumby mare who was rescued from the NT so I hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚

  2. Karen Bevis says:

    Hi Joanne,

    Spotted your Horse Rescue book in the library recently, and was immediately captivated by the cover. Wondering if there is a story about the equines depicted there? I couldn’t see them mentioned in the book – I have run out of time and will have to re-borrow to read it all. I ask because we have a pony who looks just like them (it doesn’t seem to be a common colouring), whom I outbid the knackers for at a horse sale in Grafton about 11 years ago – he cost all of $60. There were a couple of others of his family that I couldn’t rescue, and that has always haunted me. In fact my first bid for the previous pony, nearly identical to him, went unnoticed, and you can guess where he ended up.

    Sahale is a proud and always slightly wild pony, and so stunning to look at.

    • Josephine says:

      Hi Karen,
      The horses on the cover aren’t in the book but were snapped by a photographer in Western Australia who does a lot of volunteer photography for rescue groups. Those particular horses are rescue horses, though I’m not totally sure of their story either. I hope you enjoy the book when you get a chance to finish it πŸ™‚

  3. Louise Perron says:

    I have a great story of my rescue. Would you review it or at least read it.

  4. Sarah says:

    Hi Joanne, in South Island NZ I am with others organising a memorial ride for horses that went to ww1. Re the war pics in your book, can I post them on our facebook/web pages or can you please let me know who I need to contact to ensure there are no copyright issues.

    • Josephine says:

      Hi Sarah, There aren’t any war photos in the book. I put some on Facebook for Rememberance Day but these just came off a google search with no clear copyright owner. Best of luck with your ride! Sounds great.

  5. Krystal says:

    I’ve just started reading your book Horse Rescue, which I am really enjoying.
    In it you say that you studied EFL & EAP, I am looking at studying these as well but I’m not sure how to go by it as the only courses I have found are in Victoria and I live in NSW. Do you mind telling me if you travelled there for the courses, or did you do online studies?

    • Josephine says:

      Hi Krystal, I studied with a privately organised group in Qld, but then I went to New Zealand to study with EAGALA. Eagala runs courses in both Australia and New Zealand in alternate years and they are frequently in NSW. Go to http://www.eagala.org to find out more about what they do. Best of luck! It’s a great field to be in. Jo

      • Krystal says:

        Thank you so much Josephine and Joanne (I hope I’m right in saying that) I really appreciate your help. I will hopefully be on my way soon in learning more about how these beautiful animals can help all kinds of people.

  6. Ursula says:

    Joanne, what a beautiful and inspiring read. I came across your book by accident at the library and have completely devoured it. All the stories have left an imprint; Brett and Jacqui Steele’s story in particular.
    Thank you for writing this book and for the work that you and others are doing; it has reignited my passion for animal welfare.

    All the best

  7. Sofie says:

    I just brought your book and I was inspired by it as soon as I saw it and begged my Mum to get it, and she did. I can’t wait to read it. When I was reading the introduction I saw this quote ~You open your eyes to it and it’s everywhere. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t turn back~ and that is so true!
    Sofie Rack

  8. Connie says:

    Hi Joanne my names Connie
    My friend bought me your book Horse Rescue for my 13th birthday and I just recently finished it. It is a beautiful book of amazing tales and I have been bugging Mum and Dad is we can rescue a horse ever since. I was wondering if I would be allowed to share the storys of the horses on my Instagram account to open people eyes about horses and what they are going through. I understand if you don’t want to just thought I would ask.

    Aspiring to help horses like Lincoln one days like you.

    Kind regards Connie πŸ™‚

    • Josephine says:

      Hi Connie! Happy (recent) birthday and thank you so much for reading my book. Yes by all means please share the stories. What is your instagram name? I’d love to see them. Thank you ☺️

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