Dieting makes you crazy

Okay, dieting doesn’t actually make you crazy. But I read a fascinating article today that gives persuasive reasons not to diet.

Apparently, US researchers decided to ‘starve’ a group of young, healthy men (on 1560 calories a day, which is quite a bit on a ‘diet’) over six months to see what would happen. Well, chaos is what happened. They developed bizarre habits, obsessed about food (replacing posters of girls with food), had sleep disturbances, ill health and skin complaints, became anti-social and two became psychotic!

So, you’ve been warned. Dieting is bad for you! To read the full article, it can be found in the November issue of Options magazine. Go to

The author is Sandra Kumskov. You can visit her at


One comment on “Dieting makes you crazy

  1. meg says:

    I’ve been on an official ‘diet’ once in my whole life – I was 18 and I had to eat only fruit until midday, so at lunch time I would go ballistic and guzzle beer and hot chips until sundown! It was totally crazy-making…

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