2009 a Good Year for Aquarians

moon-and-earth1As an Aquarian, I am welcoming 2009 with excitement. Why? Because Jupiter is in Aquarius next year and Jupiter is the planet of good fortunes. Hooray!! That means, we Aquarians get a little bit of everything. Maybe some travel (well, I am planning two trips already), maybe some romance (I’m sure that will make my husband happy), and maybe some great opportunities (bring on those publishing contracts!).

Apparently, 2008 was a ‘grounding year’. Interestingly, I found Alwyn’s and my goals for 2008 the other day (we do this on New Year’s Eve each year) and we specifically said that we wanted 2008 to be ‘a year of foundations and consolidation’. We picked well. That’s exactly what this year has been for us, financially, on the home front and, especially, in terms of our careers.

Next year will also see Uranus and Saturn come into opposition. Uranus  is the ruling sign of Aquarians and symbolising progression and forward-thinking, while Saturn is the ruling sign of Capricorn and symbolising that which has always been, conservatism and hard work. That should be an interesting face-off for us all.


One comment on “2009 a Good Year for Aquarians

  1. graydog says:

    I agree. Being an Aquarian I’ve looked forward to 2009 almost all year with hope of promise, potential, good health and yes good fortune. Puting my thoughts together this year and with any luck most or all of my endeavors will come to fruition.

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