Pet names

All our pets have names, obviously. But we also like to play with their names and so each animal actually has many. Are we alone in this?

Here are some:

Daisy: “Daisy Chain”, “Daisy Chain Dog”, “Daisy C. Dog” and, when she’s in trouble, “Daisy Chain Dog Schoenwald-Blayse!”

Goldie: “The Golden Child”, “Goldie Dog” and “Golden Girl”

(Both the dogs are also called “The Poopies” and “The Shmuppies”.)

Jasmine: “Miss Jasmine”, “Jazzy Cat” and “Jasmine Cat”

Bucket: “Bucket of (insert noun here, e.g. Trouble)”, “The Shmitten”

Traveller: “Trav” and “The Travelling Man”

Leila: “Princess Leila”, “Leila Pony” and “Leila Chops”

Jum Jum (pronounced “Yum Yum”): Jum Jum is such a cool name that we generally sing her name to the tune of a very famous piece of orchestral music that I unfortunatley don’t know the name of. (Jum Jum Jum Juuuumm. Jum Jum Jum Juuuumm. Jum Jum Jum Jum, Jum Jum Jum Jum, Jum Jum Jum Jum… Jum… Juuuuuummmmm!) 

Chookiyaki: Well, Chookiyaki is such a fabulous name that we don’t think we can improve on that.

As for my husband, we’ll leave his pet name until another time. :o)


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