A holiday from writing?

I’m wondering whether writers take a holiday from their writing?

It’s an interesting question, I think, because no one would write unless they absolutely loved to write. It’s their passion. So should you/do you take a holiday from something that you love?

Undoubtedly, getting some ‘distance’ from your work is both important and necessary in order to improve it. But what about a total break? Having a ‘writer’s brain’, is it even possible to have a total break since we are necessarily always looking at things and constructing ideas in our heads?

If I feel like I need a bit of a holiday, does that mean I’m in the wrong job? That I don’t love it as much as I should?

I’m not sure that I ever really have a holiday from writing. I think I just rearrange the type of writing that I am doing. When I think of having a holiday from writing, I think of taking a break from my computer. I’m often more than happy to keep working with a pen and notebook. And, of course, I’m always reading, which is part of the job too.

I have a year planner that is all sorted for 2009 and what projects I am working on. But, should I put in ‘vacation’ time? Any thoughts?


3 comments on “A holiday from writing?

  1. ceylanthewriter says:

    I think that everybody needs a bit of down time from what he or she loves. It will increase want to perform hobby as well as give a momentary creative pause to help restart those creative juices.

    Interesting question.


  2. chrisbongers says:

    Yes, we should all take a holiday, even from what we love. It reinvigorates the passion and helps keep it fresh. If you don’t believe me, take a weeks break from Alwyn and see how you feel when you get back!

  3. jnahrung says:

    Absence does make the heart grow fonder, and not always for someone else 😉 Rest, revitalise, read … works for me. Trick is not to get too comfortable. But then, if you’re a writer, your head will explode if you try to stay away from it for too long 🙂
    Have a grand holiday!

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