Writing inspiration in Tasmania


Lavender. Raspberries. Cheese. Chocolate. Wine. Mountains. Rainforests. Beaches. Wind. Snow.

What is it about Tasmania that is such rich fodder for the hungering writer’s mind? I know I’m not the only writer that has noticed this. I’ve been to Tasmania three times and each time I am utterly convinced that my first best-selling book must surely be waiting for me within this tiny island. It is all I can do to stop myself packing up and moving to the state just to be immersed in the history, landscape, lifestyle and food.

Around every corner is a wild patch of flowers or a rock wall built by convicts. Some of the oldest architecture in Australia is in Tasmania and historical houses abound. (People actually live in them, which is simply mind-blowing for someone who has spent their whole life in (relatively young) Brisbane.) Whistling through the walls and across the wild terrain are stories of pain and suffering and hardship just dying to be told.

The state is like a mini Australia. It has rainforests, beaches, mountains, snow, grassland, great lakes, rivers, caves and even a mini desert-like area right in the middle. You can see so much and cover so much territory in one day that your senses never stop absorbing new sights sounds and smells.  And let’s not forget the gourmet delights of Tasmania–raspberries lavender, chocolate, cheese, wine, old lolly shops and bakeries–that are calling from every tiny, quaint town.

It is truly a feast for the imagination.


2 comments on “Writing inspiration in Tasmania

  1. chrisbongers says:

    Gorgeous photo Jo and your words made me want to pack up my kit bag and head on down! Hope Tassie has a role in that book you’re writing. 🙂

  2. Lisette Ogg says:

    I am in love with tasmania, having spent some time woofing there after graduating from university in early 2005. So much rich material, history and inspiration there to be sure.

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