Romancing the tome

I am in love.

My husband may not see me for many weeks. He will have to compete for my attention. Tolerate my vagueness as my mind overflows with my new love. And watch as his favourite meals are pushed aside for a quick toast-and-baked-beans dinner. Because who has time to prepare meals when there is another calling me to surrender to the joy of new love?

I have begun my fourth novel. As such I am well aware of the emotional similarity of this phase to a new romance. The beginning stages are exciting. Filled with promise. I cannot sleep at night for thinking of my new love. My heart beats with anxiety when we are separated. And I am filled with joy while we are together.

BUT… As the novel progresses things tend to shift. Affections waver under the routine and predictable nature of day-to-day life living together. Problems that were at first overlooked become increasingly annoying. The long term viability of the relationship seems questionable. At its worst it disintegrates into misery and an abandoned dream.

However I am heartened by an article that I read earlier this year in which scientists have proven that a percentage of relationships manage to not only keep that first rush of hormones alive but can actually increase them over time. They are the same hormones found in animals that mate for life such as swans.

So I am off to settle down with my swan and grow this love into something beautiful and long-lasting. (Fingers crossed!) 

(p.s. I know ‘tome’ actually refers to a non-fiction book but it was such a catchy line that I couldn’t resist!)


2 comments on “Romancing the tome

  1. Michele says:

    This is sooooo’ exciting and reminds me exactly how I felt when I wrote my first novel. I haven’t experienced it since but certainly hope I do get to fall in love again… Enjoy the process, Jo – isn’t it wonderful? 🙂

  2. Natalie says:

    Joanne I love that stage but at the moment I’m in the struggle your way through the tough bits. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel but then my characters go and find a new tunnel to play in and I”m left wondering when it’ll go smoothly again. Good luck on your novel.

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