Rock on, authors

chris-murphyI have just had a lovely surprise phone call from Chris Murphy. Some of you may remember Chris as one of the four finalists of Australian Idol a few years back. He’s pretty easy to remember: beard, shaggy hair flick, wicked sense of humour, writes his own music.

(He considers himself a rocker but I think his true talent lies in pop/rock ballads. You can check them out on his site. He is also an hysterically funny and entertaining live performer… I laughed so hard during his rendition of ABBA and Beatles songs that I was sure I was going to vomit.)

The reason for the unexpected phone call was that I asked Chris a couple of years ago if he would donate a signed copy of his CD to a raffle that I was running for my favourite organisation, Animals Asia. I raised a fabulous total of $2000 in that raffle and I’m keen to have another go and do it again this year. So, like all good fundraisers, I began hitting up the people who helped me out last time!

In chatting with Chris, we got on to talking about the hard work of being an artist.  Chris has been putting in the hard work for many years now and I commented to him about how I admire musicians who go down the independent (indie) route.

I think that indie artists often get ‘street cred’. We admire them. But it has always struck me as a little unfair that self-published authors (essentially the same thing as an indie artist) can be so despised. It seems like an incredible double standard.

We tend to assume that a self-published author must be a bad author. Yet festivals such as the Woodford Folk Festival are full of unsigned artists that have huge followings and are fantastically good. Ben Lee(another of my favourite musicians and now indisputably popular) has also produced tracks independently.

So rock on authors. Let’s get our work out there instead of hiding it in our drawers. You never know who is listening.


One comment on “Rock on, authors

  1. Thankx Joanne for your blog about Indie artists.
    I do remember Chris Murphy … great performer.

    As writers, we write not only for ourselves but for an audience that we want to reach.
    Like you say, whether we achieve mainstream publishing or our stories are self-published/E published we get our story out there to the listeners. To the Readers.

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