Scene the Light

I have ‘scene’ the light.

I really don’t know why it’s taken me this long. You see as a student and a teacher and as someone out in the ‘real’ workforce (ahem) I was always one of those obsessively organised people. You know the type. We have wall charts and highlighters and diaries and time lines and we do weird things like recording our notes onto tape recorders so that we can play them back while we’re asleep. (Or perhaps that really was just me…)

But when it comes to my writing I really haven’t jumped onto the organisational band wagon. Yes I have notebooks. Yes I have spreadsheets. Yes I make timelines and plot outlines and I converse with my characters. But at my recent writing retreat I think I finally saw the world I had been missing.

At this point I should confess to LOVING stationery. Love. Love. Love. I love the smell of new notebooks. I love pens and highlighters and erasers. Going to a stationery store is like standing in a chocolate shop and drooling over all the goodies.

And on our retreat I was reminded of this. One of our participants had three-ring folders full of scenes and a comprehensive scene plan. His folders had dividers. His scenes were hole-punched and placed neatly in order. His scenes may have had highlighting but that might have just been my salivating imagination. I suddenly saw just how I could take my love of stationery and organisation and apply it to my whole novel.

Well. For a girl like me this is just the most exciting thing that has happened since my first day at school in Year 2 when I got all my textbooks early and made my way through half of them before school even started. It’s almost as exciting as sharpening pencils and labelling my pencil case. Almost as exciting as putting contact around all my books. (No. Wait a minute. That was never as much fun as I thought…)

The point is that I have written my first very comprehensive scene plan for my entire book before I’ve written the book! I will be buying folders and dividers and highlighters….

If you happen to find me with my fingers stuck to the keyboard with contact and blu tak in my hair then please do help me.

There might even be a gold star in it for you 🙂


One comment on “Scene the Light

  1. Oh don’t get me started on organising a novel. I want sticky notes and folders and nice stationery, unfortunately the twins tend to want to play with everything I’ve got. One day.

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