Memories of Michael Jackson

Age seven, out in the playground at school, composing dances to Michael Jackson songs.

Age eight, staying at my dad’s for the weekend and having him borrow the video of the making of Thriller and watching it over and over again.

Age fifteen, choosing to study Michael Jackson as an icon of music for my Year 10 Music assignment.

Age fifteen, Janelle and I riding our horses through the streets of The Gap and singing Michael Jackson songs and planning to go to his Dangerous concert tour (which was later cancelled due to his addiction to pain killers).

Staying up to watch the world premier of the Black or White filmclip with Molly Meldrum commentating.

Age nineteen, boogying to Michael Jackson on the night club dance floors.

Age twenty-something, actually seeing Michael Jackson live in concert at the ANZ stadium in Brisbane and being so, so sad and depressed when it was over, because it was just so incredible.

A strange man? Possibly. A musical genius? Undoubtedly.


2 comments on “Memories of Michael Jackson

  1. Lovely memories of Michael – thanx for sharing. I’m so devastated by the news that I can’t even engage my brain to put my thoughts and feelings into words. Being only two months older than Michael – he was my inspiration growing up. I watched him on tele, the child prodigy, the brilliance of him and his brothers. I thrashed his first solo album at the age of 13. We literally grew up together. Always inspired by him as an artist. An artist with a tough childhood who was determined to make something of himself. I loved him. I miss him already and feel greatly saddened that his musical genius, and wonderfully weirdness has been tainted, but hey, I hope he has finally found peace and one day I might actually be able to articulate how I really feel. Michael was a Legend!

  2. Just wanted to say I just ordered this Thriller Album, to bring back Michael in our memories. I grew up with MJ. He is the Best! We will certainly miss you.

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