Woodford Virgins climbing to 5000 views

cover-artI just checked into Scribd today to see how my romance novel was faring in the free market and was delighted to find that Woodford Virgins has reached almost 5000 views online, averaging about 22 views a day.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I uploaded the document; it was all an experiment. I’m looking forward to Scribd allowing users from outside of the USA to upload documents to sell. Imagine if my 5000 viewers had all donated just $1… Not bad. Not bad at all.

For now, you can still view and download Woodford Virgins by clicking on the links in this site.


One comment on “Woodford Virgins climbing to 5000 views

  1. Melinda says:

    Thank you, what a charming and engrossing piece of work.
    I, myself, was a Woodford virgin last year and reading this has only made me count down to this year’s festival with greater anticipation.
    You have captured the magic and spirit of Woodford beautifully.

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