Text Prize for YA manuscript announced

The winner has been announced. Big congratulations to Leanne Hall of Victoria! Leanne has won $10,000 against future royalties and a publishing contract with Text Publishing for her young adult manuscript, This is Shyness.

Leanne has been working as a children’s specialist in a bookstore, which has obviously influenced and aided her journey to publication. This will be Leanne’s first published novel. It’s always exciting and inspiring for the rest of us still slogging away on our work to see that it really is possible to get that big break forward.

This is Shynessfound its inspiration in the research of Linnaeus. Leanne says: “I was researching the Swedish botanist Linnaeus for a short story, when I came across a curious chart. Linnaeus had categorised humans in a top-to-bottom hierarchy (in a fairly racist fashion, I might add!), but what was most fascinating was his inclusion of mythical beings on the bottom rungs – including the mysterious wolfboys and wildgirls.”

This is the second year that Text has run this competition, and you can check their website for more details of how to enter next year.


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