Miley, Taylor, Glee and Me in the closet

I’ve been in the closet. But the time is here and I’m coming out and saying it: I’m a fan of Miley Cyrus.

One of the reasons I love writing YA novels is that it gives me the perfect cover to indulge in activities that otherwise might be thought of as not really the norm for someone of my age.

Take, for example, Hannah Montana: The Movie (Miley Cyrus). We saw it on the plane on the way to Tonga recently, and we happened to really enjoy it. I defy anyone not to dance in their seat during the Hoedown Throwdown. And as for her moving version of The Climb, well any struggling artist could relate to this one and come out the other side feeling more inspired than ever. (The video is not so good, but I love the song.)

This interest in ‘tween/teen’ pop culture began with Taylor Swift, specifically, her song Love Story. Apart from loving the song (and since, her album, Fearless) I realised that this was someone very successfully selling to the teenage market, the same market that I want to sell books to. It wasn’t too much of a leap to see that I could learn something from the likes of Taylor and Miley.

So now that I have that ‘research’ defence sorted out for when my friends query as to why I own the soundtrack to Hannah Montana: The Movie, I feel free to indulge in Glee too. Glee is a television series on Channel 10, Thursday nights, and is set in a high school, with teenagers looking for all the things teenagers look for, and doing it in a smart, funny and sensitive way. I’m hooked.

So now that I’ve outed myself, I think I’ll go and buy tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert on February 4 next year, the day after my birthday. It’s all good research…


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