My writing space

My writing space changes from week to week, depending on where the messiest spots in the house end up being. I lug my laptop from dining room, to bed, to my office (which I share with my senior cat, Jasmine, so is more often than not referred to as “Jasmine’s room”.)

I do often end up sitting at the dining room table, surrounded by photos of loved ones, bottles of natural medicine that I have in production, paperwork that I still need to do, books of research, bills to pay, a to-do list that keeps growing faster than I can cross things off, various cats and dogs, and (most importantly) direct access to the kitchen, with its kettle and my necessary chai tea. I have recently discovered that chai is my lucky charm. For some reason, I just write better with chai! (There should be an advertising deal in that somewhere…)

 This post is part of the Queensland Writers Centre blog tour. To follow the tour, visit Queensland Writers Centre’s blog The Empty Page.

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