Writer Back on Board

Okay, so it’s been a long time since I last blogged! Eight months, to be exact. I’m not going to bang on about it, so let me summarised the great things that have happened in that time.

1. Finished the first draft of my current WIP, a Young Adult entitled The Stars that Shine. It’s a rodeo ‘Romeo and Juliette’ styled novel about two star-crossed rodeo riders struggling to find success and love in rural Australia in 1958, within the confines of social injustices and prejudices, in order to fulfil their dreams. (See, I learned how to summarise that at this year’s CYA Conference, from keynote speaker Kate Forsyth.)

2. Received three lots of highly useful feedback on The Stars that Shine from wonderful writing friends who helped me see the trees from the wood and show me how the reality of my manuscript fell short from the vision that was in my mind, and allowed me to draw out that vision to meet the expectations I set for it in the first place.

3. Attended this year’s CYA Conference in Brisbane during the Brisbane Writer’s Festival, and had the most inspiring moment of the day over a coffee with wonderful YA author Michael Gerard Bauer, who picked up my flagging spirits, injected them with a good puff of wind, and sent me back out into the world again. Thanks Michael 🙂

4. Pulled out a memoir that had been sitting in my drawer for the past two years, shook it off and cleaned it up and submitted it to the Finch Publishing Memoir Prize.

5. Completed several rounds of revisions of The Stars that Shine, and now have Draft 4 with an esteemed colleague for editing.

6. Managed to maintain at least some of my wonderful contacts and friends in my writing tribe, despite living in the bush and not being able to get to all the fun and exciting events that happend in Brisbane, seemingly all the time.

I now sit anxiously, awaiting another round of feedback, criticism and editing suggestions for my current baby, and hoping I can polish it to shine the way I have imagined it for so many years.


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