Memoir Shortlisted

It was only two blog posts ago that I wrote about how I’d picked up a memoir that had been sitting unattended in a drawer for two years, dusted it off and sent it off for a competition.

So I was thrilled to find an email in my inbox yesterday morning informing me that my memoir manuscript, Webs of Light, had been shortlisted for the Finch Publishing Memoir Prize. The prize was open to any unpublished memoir manuscript, across the nation, and the winner receives a publishing contract as well as $10,000 advance against future royalties.

Webs of Light is about the sixteen years I spent with my horse, Hercules and the way he changed my life. The timing of this email was particularly poignant, as the night before I had just lost the first of our rescue horses to come into Charlie’s Angels Horse Rescue Inc. (the horse welfare charity I began last year). As Webs of Light highlights the importance of caring for, loving, and commiting to animals, it seemed a lovely pat on the shoulder from the Universe, a gentle hug to say, it’s okay.

I am honoured to be part of the finalists in this competition. Thank you Finch!


One comment on “Memoir Shortlisted

  1. Michele says:

    Awesome newz – you totally rock sista! And it’s a fantastic memoir that certainly deserves to win 🙂

    Love your new website 🙂

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