My Novel’s Progress


The Abbey Medieval Festival, Caboolture

I’m pleased to report that I attended two days of The Rabbit Hole event and wrote almost 10,000 words. I was pretty happy with that as I was aiming for 15,000 words (half of the event target of 30,000 words) over three days, so I was on track. I made a last-minute trip to the Medieval Festival at Caboolture on the second day. I just couldn’t resist that opportunity to ‘fill the well’ with mind bending sights and sounds. (And, wow, if I am ever researching a book set in that time period, I’ll certainly be going back. It’s a very rich and stimulating place for a writer.)

Today, I am feeling very sluggish, so I’ve done one thing to move my novel forward. I emailed three questions to a friend of mine who lived in England so she could answer them for me. See, that’s called outsourcing 😉


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