The Messy First Draft

The Messy First Draft

Here it is! My messy first draft of my current WIP, Take a Chance on Me, a women’s fiction novel set across Australia and England.

This is, without doubt, the messiest first draft I have ever created. But that’s what the first draft is for: getting it on the page. All 72,000 words of it can now sit and marinate for a month before I get stuck into it and clean it up.

This draft took a lot longer than I usually take to write a draft: three years! Mostly, it took that long because I kept stopping to work on another book project, get it finished, then get back to this one. This is my first women’s fiction novel and the most commercial book I’ve written yet.

And by far the most fun 🙂

Basically, I’ve written the book that I wanted to read. And that fills me with much joy 🙂


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