Take a Chance on Me signed with Curtis Brown

The Moet’s been cracked

My women’s fiction manuscript, Take a Chance on Me, has found a home with Australia’s esteemed literary agents, Curtis Brown. The way this came about is a fantastic story in itself and one I will share down the track. Oprah defines luck as preparation meeting opportunity. And I’ll throw into that equation a bucketful of crazy inspiration, a few dedicated readers, and serendipity. Mix it all together and my long-held dream has come true.

I’ve been writing for thirteen years and completed ten manuscripts in that time, most with no tangible reward. So it was a fantastically gratifying moment to receive my agent’s (gosh, it’s still fun to say that), Fiona Inglis’s, email with contract attached. The Moet that had been sitting in the bottom of the fridge for six months, determinedly waiting for a chance to pop, did indeed get its way (and left a dent on the ceiling too).

I’m counting my blessings, but I’m also working very hard, juggling a newborn baby, the winding up of the horse rescue charity I began three years ago, selling our house, and finishing another draft of my story. So back to the story I go now, as my dear supportive husband has gifted me an in-house writing retreat this weekend to make good headway and meet my deadline. I don’t have a moment to waste.

Speak soon…


One comment on “Take a Chance on Me signed with Curtis Brown

  1. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Fantastic newz Jo – totally awesome much!! ♥♥ You soooo’ deserve this, and ‘Take a Chance on Me’ is a pretty fantastic read 🙂

    I’m so very excited and happy for you, I’m drinking champagne in cyber space in celebration of many happy dances to come.

    Much love – Mwah ♥♥

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