In-house Writing Retreat

When I think of a writing retreat, I think log fires, mountain cabins, massage, gourmet food and days of uninterrupted writing glory. Well, sometimes life is a wee bit more complicated than that, say, when you have a three-and-a-half-month-old baby. What’s a girl to do when she desperately needs intense writing time?

Thankfully, my Love came up with the most timely and inspired gift this weekend just gone and played cook, cleaner and baby sitter while I had an in-house writing retreat: the retreat you have when you can’t go out for a retreat.

He made me gourmet pizza. He massaged me and ran me a bath. He bought me chocolate and coffee, made me fresh apple and orange juice, cooked me pancakes for breakfast, and made me chocolate cake and reminded me to take my vitamins in the morning. In short, he was an absolute angel.

It was just what I needed to forge through some editing and writing of new scenes in this latest draft of Take a Chance on Me. My lovely husband, Alwyn, I cannot begin to thank you enough.

Today, I’m completely shattered. My tailbone hurts from sitting on it. My wrist has RSI. I’ve barely slept for three nights in a row and am now playing mummy on my own so need to get those toothpicks out to keep my eyelids open and on the job (the coffee’s long since stopped working). I’m trying to be nice to myself and simmer in the warmth of knowledge that my book is on track and all will be well.

But it doesn’t mean I can’t whip out the credit card and order a year’s worth of books online, does it? 😉


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