Me and Monica

Me and Monica

Are you a Monica McInerney fan? If not yet, you need to be! Seriously. I had the immense pleasure of meeting one of my women’s fiction literary heroes last weekend at Mary Ryan’s in Noosa, when Monica dropped in as part of her current book tour to promote her new book, The House of Memories.

I first stumbled across Monica’s writing when I picked up an audio book at my local library. That book was her first novel, A Taste for It, and I’ve been an avid fan ever since. So far, my favourites have been At Home with the Templetons and Those Faraday Girls, both terrific (and large!) reads. Call me miserly but I do love some good value out of a book 😉

I have The House of Memories on standby for the moment while I finish my current book — I am an appallingly slow reader, not the best asset for a reader and writer, but I like to think I indulge in quality, not quantity and that’s why I know without a shadow of a doubt that Monica’s new book will be well worth waiting for.

Monica is still touring around Australia and if you’d like to catch up with her, visit her website for tour details. Oh, and did I mention how delightful and sweet she is? And funny? And a great speaker?

Do yourself a favour… go visit Monica and grab a copy of The House of Memories. Now. Do not pass go. Do not delay!


2 comments on “Me and Monica

  1. Jae says:

    How exciting for you to meet an author you totally admire! Everything you expected? Better?

    And nothing wrong with being a slow reader. Better that you actually digest what you read vs. some people who slam through it so fast they hardly remember the details.

    • Joanne says:

      Yes, I agree about the slow reading. I often re-read sections over again to really get as much out of them as I can.

      Meeting Monica was just such a lovely, lovely experience. 🙂

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