About Joanne


Jo’s life was instantly changed when she accidentally bought a starved, sick, terrified horse at a ‘dogger sale’ (a horse meat auction). That horse was Lincoln (black horse, picture above), and her journey into horse rescue, public education and animal rights advocacy began.

She was thrilled when, not long after the charity wound up, Penguin approached her to write a book on horse rescue stories. Her two great loves–writing and horses–came together at last.

Jo now lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, with her husband, son and too many animals, including six horses, who are required to do nothing to ‘earn their keep’; rather, they enjoy a leisurely, well-kept retirement of love and peace.

She writes internationally bestselling novels (‘foodie fiction’) under the name Josephine Moon and dearly hopes one day her love of horses and writing will come together once more for further books.