Top 8 Hot Summer Songs List

sunshineThe very talented author, Michael Gerard Bauer, posted a link to a summer song on Facebook today. His choice was Daryl Braithwaite’s One Summer. And it sparked a yearning in me to create another list, the Top 8 Hot Summer Songs List (inspired by the heat wave currently bearing down on SE Qld). Why? Because I love a good list.

(Why 8 not 10?  Because 10 was soooo 2012!)

  1. At the top of this list has to be Gangajang’s Sounds of Then (This is Australia) and brought even more sharply into focus for me today when I just had to have a cold Coke and thought of the fabulous Coke ad featuring this song, which I still maintain is the best Coke ad of all time.
  2. For a cruisy jazzy song, I don’t think you can go past Summertime, this version by Ella Fitzgerald. (Doesn’t it just make you want to pull up a wicker deck chair with a martini and watch the workers in the fields as the sun sets?)
  3. Okay, this next one’s a bit daggy, but it’s here for my husband, who’s an unwaivering romantic and die-hard 80s fan, and loves Belinda Carlisle. Here’s Summer Rain. (Come on, admit it, you can’t help but sing along!)
  4. And while we’re stuck in the 80s, let’s not forget supergroup Bananarama’s Cruel Summer. Better yet, this song featured in another great 80s production, Karate Kid. (Yes, I know, I’m showing my age… and my ‘coolness’ factor is rapidly declining.)
  5. Back to the world of modern music, I’m including Hot N Cold by Katy Perry for whimsical reasons, because our weather has been so psychotic this year that as soon as I’ve packed away the doona and heaters I’ll be needing them again before you know it.
  6. And just because it’s funky and catchy and has the air of reckless abandon, Kid Rock’s All Summer Long.
  7. Admittedly, this is a long bow to draw, but I’m including The Offspring’s Why Don’t You Get a Job?, because it starts with a sprinkler on a green lawn and has a great Jamaican vibe. I do love short bursts of The Offspring every now and then, which is totally unlike me, but these guys can carry it off (in small doses!). Great when you’re tired or feeling a bit tetchy to just blast it out of your system 🙂
  8. I’m including Birds and Bees by Ben Lee because it just feels like summer–that time of year when the prospect of taking off layers of clothes isn’t daunting and romantic outdoor dinners and flirting in dresses without shivering is possible. (As an aside, I do love Ben’s albums, Awake is the New Sleep and Ripe.)

So there’s my Top 8 summer songs, complete with romance, whimsy, humidity, fun and heartbreak. What would you add to this list?